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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SEX STOR OF THE DAY:Sex with my Accountant

                         Sex with my Accountant
Author E

I am really amused to read the exciting stories of various writers who had encountered sexiest incidents in their life. I also encountered such incidents in my life too. I am KK, It was year 1996 I was 27 years, I was posted as Branch Manager for office in Madurai temple town of Tamilnadu. I need to revamp entire operations including staff. As soon as I took over the charge of the branch I realized accounting system is not in place and sales guys are not working properly. I decided to bring in radical changes and I gave advertisement in newspaper for accountant. Lot of applicants send their CVs but I felt girls will do better and shortlisted 4 candidates and called them for personnel interview. Out of them 2 were married and looking very ugly and 2 were spinsters and not looking very attractive but however out of them I selected one girl. Briefing about her she must be 5.6, she was not fair but she is not dark. Good face features and other assets. She was staying with her uncle and they were staying 30 kms from Madurai and everyday she has to travel 60 kms up and down. One day there was some political murder took place and all of sudden that party cadets started storming all major roads and our office was located in one of the busiest street. Our office was also on attack. We shut down our main doors and remained inside. Our sales staff already left office and me and our accountant (Smitha) only in office, We realized that we are stuck and we are not sure what time things will settle. We realized somebody coming and knocking the door. She was begging not to open the door and she was suspecting that could be some of the troublesome guys. I took courage and opened the door I saw one of our sales staff with hurt he just told us not to step out of office until evening and keep the door shut do not open unless police comes. This aggravated smitha anxiety and she was shivering and she said that she will sit in my cabin. She was in good saree that day in the panic her pin on the saree linking her blouse got broke and after that she has to keep checking her saree is in right position or not. I could see her two melons shape out of her blouse and I deliberately pushed stapler from table and asked her to pick up that by bending and in the process as I expected while bending her saree top portion to fall down I could get valley view. She realized that I saw her and she immediately covered herself. I also behaved as if I saw nothing. After sometime we started talking about many general topics in that love and sex came in. During the talk I put my bare foot on her leg under the table. First time she moved her leg and I am sure she can’t go out now and I took bit of courage and second time I put my leg on her leg. This time she through a very mischievous smile and that encouraged me to move further. I asked her about some files and she brought this files and I was scanning through in the process I went and stood next to her as if asking some clarifications in the data. I was looking her back and I could see her valley again. She also realized that I was watching but she kept herself cool and that gave me courage I put my hand on her shoulder she gave me encouraging smile and asked me whether ever I had sex with any girl. I said never I had but I would not mind. She asked me whether I had seen any girl nude or had I ever watched x movies. I said I had watched x movies but I never got a chance to see a girl nude. I told I would not mind if you can?, she asked me what! I got frightened and told her to get me some water. She laughed and she asked me am I feeling hungry. I said yes. She said that she can feed me some idlis she brought from home. I enjoyed those idlis. After washing hands she gave her saree end to me to wipe my wet hands. I took courage and I pulled her towards me. I think she was expecting the same and she fell on my shoulder and her saree was taken off and I could see her hidden two assets. That really aroused me. I received phone call mentioning about TV news screening about violence happening in the city. We both moved to visitor’s area where we had TV to watch News. We sat next to each other and her thighs are touching my thighs. She leaned to pickup newspaper on the centre table I could see her sexy hip and partial boos as if partial lunar eclipse. I told I am feeling headache and she prompted me to lie on the sofa and keep my head on her laps. I am getting aroused on her actions and gestures. But I was afraid to move because if she shouts I will be in trouble. It will be embarrassing. As she prompted I lay down on sofa and kept my head on her laps. Now if I turn my head my nose will hit her boobs and I felt that is what she is expecting. I did the same. She was absolutely ignorant and no reaction. I was surprised and did again. Now she moved her saree in such a way that I can kiss her belly. I understood her move and I did accordingly. She closed her eyes. Now I am totally aroused and my little john has become big brother. He is straining himself to come out. She saw my tool getting bulged. She kept her hand on that and she positioned herself in such a way that my mouth is on her boobs and she is busy with my tool. Now I want to see her nude and I said I can offer her the same from me. She said first I need to do then she can do. I removed my cloths one by one and I was on by brief. I stopped and I asked her to do the same. She said that she can do that provided I close my eyes until she tells me to open. I closed with my hands covering my face however I was able to see her. She removed her saree and she was in her petticoat and blouse. She removed her blouse and she was wearing sexy lace bra and she removed her petticoat and I could see her lace panty. She asked me to open my eyes. I could see her melons
are fighting to come out of her bra and I felt as if it is seeking my assistance to give them freedom from bra. I immediately jumped on her and held her two assets and it was like hungry tiger jumping on deer. She asked me to lie down on the carpet and she removed all her dress and removed my brief and we both were nude. My tool is in full size. She sat next to me and started massaging my tool and I was in heaven. She then sat on
me inserting my tool on her private place and she started moving up and down as if she is riding horse and she guided my hands to her boobs. It went on for 10 to 12 minutes; Then we changed our positions. I started sucking her boobs and she was fondling my tool. Then she lay down and she asked me to come on her. That was first time I am really having real sex. I was in heaven. I behaved like a slave. I was just following her instructions. Now actually she has become my boss and started giving all instructions and I was carrying on without any resistance. I was riding on her, she started moaning and she started shouting fuck me hard fuck me hard and she was motivating me with all kinds of effort to make the fucking last as long as possible. I was about to cum, I do not know how she realized that, she asked me to stop and removed my tool and started shaking with hand and she asked me to stand and she sat on her knees and her mouth was next to my tool. I was really enjoying and I felt I was in heaven. I was on my climax and she just started sucking my tool I was totally lost. I felt 1000 watts of power coming out of me and now I am totally down and tired. Now she behaved in caring for me and she lay down next to me and she kept her boobs on my mouth. I started sucking I was enjoying. I remembered once my relative, I use to call her as bhabhi, she came our home for vacation with her 8 months old baby. I was probably at the age of 9 or 10. All of our family members went to attend some temple function near by my house. I was sleeping and her baby was sleeping. So she said to my parents that she will take care of me and let them focus on the function. She was feeding milk to her baby. I was sleeping. Suddenly I felt something on my mouth and I started sucking, I felt milk is coming in my mouth. I got up I could see bhabhi was feeding me with her bare chest. I saw her and she was very casual and she said that if I do not tell any body she will feed me whenever I want and I should also drink milk whenever she wants me to do. I was afraid and I accepted to do whatever she says. She held my left hand and guided to her right boob as I was sucking her left boob. I started fondling doing massage. It was great feeling but my tool started getting bulged. I got afraid and told bhabhi that I have problem my tool got bulged and it has become big. She said nothing to worry she has got some medicine to apply and she told me to remove my pant. I just followed her instructions with fear. She started fondling with my tool and then she applied ghee on it and started sucking after some time my tool became normal. The she said that” I had applied medicine for you and do not tell anybody” and advised me to sleep with her in the nights such that if my tool becomes big she can apply medicine and not to disclose to anybody. I agreed and until she left our town I was sleeping with her in the nights and she use to do feed me milk and my tool will become big and she will suck it. On the previous day of last day of her departure; she feed me milk and my tool became big and then she said to close my eyes and lie on her. I lied on her and she held my tool and she kept it somewhere and started moving me forward and backward. After sometime only I realized that she was having sex with me. I am an obedient slave for anybody who wants to have sex with me. If any body wants to have sex with me please write to I am currently in Dubai.


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